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May Hunts! [Part Two]

By : Taki Kujisawa

Here's a sneak peek at the hunt items you can find at Epicine the 2nd half of May!

Two Cute Marketplace Hunt
May 21st - June 5th
Hunt Blog


Dirty Little Secrets - Red Shoes Diaries & Little Black Book Hunt
May 25th - June 25th
Hunt Blog

1L Path:
Hint: If you watch it too long you might get dizzy~

(This is my first full male mesh body item! I hope you like it. I will have more coming out soon. x3)

25L Path:
Hint: Oooh Naughty!

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia!

By : Taki Kujisawa
May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia! I am transgender and homosexual, as are many of my friends, so this day is important to me because it brings the issues we face to the attention of the world, and the world stands together to celebrate sexual and gender diversities. You can learn more about IDAHO | IDAHOT here at the website!

Every year on this day until May 21st, I put everything in the store, including new releases and gachas on sale for 70L (unless of course they're already cheaper!) I also put out a bunch of new releases and goodies for everyone each day of the sales! So stay tuned, I'll be posting a lot of new stuff for everyone to enjoy! ❤

Epicine @ Spring Fling Fair a RFL event

By : Taki Kujisawa
I relay because I am a survivor, and cancer runs thick in my family. Every woman over the age of 50 has gotten breast cancer, and everyone, male or female, over the age of 40 (with a few exceptions) has had at least one form of cancer.

Once again, I'm taking part in a RFL event, this time with the wonderful Old World Artisans Guild & Friends Team!

The Spring Fling Fair is from May 4th - May 14th and everything is 50L and/or 50%! That includes new, exclusive, gacha and RFL items.

You can visit my booth at the Spring Fling Fair here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leopard/97/152/1501

This is my RFL exclusive, it'll only be for sale at the RFL or other cancer events I take part in. It is a 100% donation!

The rainbow ribbon is a symbol for all cancers. It would've taken 100 tatts to cover all the colors and types of cancers there are, so I made this in hopes it would show support for them all. This is also 100% donation!

These support wrist bands are my gift for the event. They'll be available at my store for donation to the RFL after the event!

Epicine @ The Thrift Shop!

By : Taki Kujisawa
The theme is Urban/Punk, so of course we went with punk! (In case you haven't noticed yet, I love punk!)

The Thrift Store is from April 14th to April 30th at Depraved Nation. You can find Epicine's booth here!

All items are 50% off, including the new items and gacha!
The Punk's Not Dead tapestries and the nose tusks are new items made especially for the punk theme! The nose tusks are also 100% original mesh! I think I'm getting better at meshing! =D

April Subscriber gift!

By : Taki Kujisawa
April's subscriber gift is really cute and I had a lot of fun making it! In tradition with spring, we have a cute pastel goth evil bunny backpack! I hope you like it! <3

This gift will also be sent to .::[HTxDZ]::. and ~Glasgow Grin~ subscribers until the subscriber servers are merged.

If you haven't gotten the gift yet, go to the store now and click the subscriber, then click on History!

April Hunts!

By : Taki Kujisawa
The month of April is all about spring! The Spring Equinox has passed and the snow is (hopefully!) starting to melt and let the grass and flowers out. Here's a sneak peek at the hunt items you can find at Epicine this April:

World Tour 2017
March 21 - April 30th
Hint:It's Candy Mountain, Charlie! =D
(The country I chose was the UK, and when I think of UK music, I think PUNK! <3)


Quest Fur Cover Hunt
April 1st - April 30th
Hints: Run, Run as fast as you can...


Fame & Fortune Hunt
April 1st - April 30th
Hints: Evil but cute...


April Showers Bring May Flowers Hunt
April 1st - April 30th
Hint: I'm a survivor!


Evil Bunny Hunt
April 3rd - April 30th
Hints: Touch vendors for demos.


March Hunts! [Last Update 03/21]

By : Taki Kujisawa
The month of March is busy busy! International Women's Day, the Spring Equinox, St. Patrick's Day, the Ides of March, the International Transgender Day of Visibility! I've been ultra busy gearing up for the events and hunts going on this month, so here's a sneak peek at the hunt items you can find at Epicine this March:

Dirty Little Secrets - WYC Hunt
Feb 25th - March 25th
There are two items offered, one unisex, and one for 60L!
1L Item: Gacha!
60L item: I like free stuff~



Femboy Hunt 9
March 1st thru 30th
#1: Even Sluts can be pure! <3
#2: I love sales just for femboys!

2L - two items to find!

Shamrock Glow Hunt
March 1st to 31st
Hint: Lookit all the letters!


Paws & Tails & Whiskers Hunt
March 1st to 31st
Hint: Kitty loves horror!


Twisted Hunt
March 1st to 31st
Hint: Be still my heart~


World Tour 2017
March 21 - April 31, 2017
Hint:It's Candy Mountain, Charlie! =D


Epicine is born!

By : Taki Kujisawa

Epicine is the re-branding and combination of my two stores: .::[HTxDZ]::. & ~Glasgow Grin~, both of which catered to the fashion needs of the alternate & non-binary gender community. Combining them gives me more opportunities and freedom to branch out and be creative!

Epicine offers an unique & eclectic array of original mesh, clothing, accessories, body mods, mesh body & parts appliers, skin & makeup appliers, tattoos, shoes, & more, as well as Kemono and Solarian mods, with flat chested mesh & no breast shading for femboys, sissies, and androgynous avatars, as well as items for Kathoey, T-girls & many other non-binary, alternate gender & non-standard sized avatars. With styles ranging from conservative, sexy & downright slutty, inspired by a wide range of genres, you're guaranteed to find something to suit any avatar and personality!

Thank you for all of your suggestions, support and just being lovely! If it weren't for you,
.::[HTxDZ]::. and ~Glasgow Grin~ would not be what it they are today, and I would not be able to continue creating.

Luvs! ^(;,;)^
~Taki ❤

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